FreHom Foundation is an organized grouping established to enhance the life of Orphans and children with special needs in our communities. We aim at transforming the life of Orphans and less privileged children in the society.


FreHom Foundation strives to work in partnership with families, communities and other stakeholders in mobilizing resources to help provide responsible care to children, giving them every possible advantage to grow to be leaders of tomorrow.


There are many people who are involved in making the vision and mission of FreHom Foundation a reality, the local staff and volunteers work at grass root level in partnering with communities to identify the needs of individual children and families.


Your regular support will enable, encourage and empower children to reach their potential. You can set up a monthly donation or make a one-off cash gift to help orphans and children-in-need living in poverty in Malawi.

Let’s stop this hunger and fullfill their happiness

Your support will help children survive poverty and will enable, encourage and empower their potential.

FreHom Foundation is a well-established faith based non – profit making organization which has two main programs – the Community Partnership program and the Children’s Centers, operating in Malawi. The organization also offers free counselling in the UK. Frehom has well experienced members to provide care and support to Orphans and children with special needs. We have a proven track record and a national reputation for delivering high quality care and support services. We are committed to developing positive change in the lifestyles of Orphans and children with special needs so that they can develop and live a comfortable life within the community. We provide basic needs such as; “food, clothes, school fees, nursing care, psychosocial counseling to guardians / parents and the children, empowering their potential and encouraging their pursuits.In UK at Frehom, we strongly believe that as humans we function from four dimensions – spiritual, mental, social and physical; therefore we conduct t our Counselling from this platform. We also believe that every feature of our lives is influenced by these dynamic components which have shaped us based on our various experiences from childhood. It is satisfying to see that during the Counselling processes clients draw these dimensions together as a whole creating for themselves a truly exciting life; thereby gaining a greater understanding of self and what is restraining them from achieving their dreams.

In Malawi over one million children are born or have different disabilities because of different causes, these children live in a very difficult situations in the society, and many of them children are orphaned due to HIV/Aids and other related diseases. These children face very difficult challenges such as: stigma and discrimination, learning difficulties, poverty and FreHom is designed to assist the development of these children so that they grow into responsible citizen of Malawi and be able to transform their families, communities, nations and the world at large.There are many people who are involved in making the vision and mission of FreHom Foundation a reality, the local national staff and volunteers work at grass root level in partnering with communities to identify the needs of individual children and families. The local management committee and the Board of directors oversee the work and they work closely with our International directors to provide the best quality care and support to our children. In the UK, Frehom is providing counselling and sessions are conducted in a safe and non-judgmental environment. As a member and ACC and BACP, we also adhere to the Codes and Ethics of the Ethical Framework of the British Association of Counsellors and Practitioners and also ACC “The Association of Christian counselors”.Counselling has become a major part of complementary medicine, which is recognized by the Government and the NHS.

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Shepherd Chengeta
Director / Trustee

Shepherd holds a Master’s in Business Administration degree and also holds several degrees in Information Technology and Computer Engineering. He has extensive experience having worked as an Enterprise Architect for some of the UK's biggest organisations.

Jennifer Phonela
Chief Executive Director

I have taught primary school children, counselled women and youth. Helping others is my life's passion.

Let’s stop hunger and fullfill a child's happiness

Your regular support will help children survive their poverty and will enable, encourage and empower their potentials.

Infrastructure Project: Sanitation


Currently the Centre only has 2 pit latrines as toilets to support 306 children. 6 More demarcated pit latrines are required: three for boys and three for girls

Infrastructure Project: Clean Water


There is currently no clean water at the centre. Water is sourced from neighbour’s borehole which is 2 miles away. 3 boreholes are required at the centre: - one for home use (with pump and tank) - two for use around the estate including agriculture and horticulture activities (with pump and tank)

Girl Power! – Empowering the Girl Child


The persistent neglect of the girl child across the world is a direct reflection of the failure of our collective responsibility to protect the human rights of vulnerable young people. At Frehom Foundation, we do our part by conducting girl-only retreats, themed "girl power", at regular intervals to advise girls on subjects such as child abuse, early or teenage pregnancy, HIV/AIDS and other contagious diseases.

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