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Girls Only Retreat – 09/09/2017

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Girl Power!

The persistent neglect of the child brides in parts of Africa is a direct reflection of the failure of our collective responsibility to protect the human rights of vulnerable young people. Considering this in mind, Frehom Foundation do conduct girls only retreats, themed “girl power”, at regular intervals to advise the girls who use our services on:
  1. Child abuse,
  2. Early or teenage pregnancy
  3. HIV and other contagious diseases.
September the 9th, 2017 one such retreat was held. We had girls, together with volunteers and relatives, getting empowered by our 3 advisors;
  • Mr; Chisale who focused on child abuse and girl rights.
  • Mrs Sarah Chanachi talked about “HIV & Aids,” she explained what happens for teenage girls to be effected, how to avoid it, who to contact for assistance and advice as Frehom girl, and many more topics.
  • Mrs Abigail Mviha emphasised on early pregnancies, abortions, effects and consequences.
Yes it was a day of break through, being an orphan some of them are living without both parents, “what a world.” However our girls were empowered to know that they have the world to grab, they just have to live life. After everything we had to listen and counsel them on their problems and issues. We also sat to eat a meal with them, and shared lots of hugs. Our village Headman and the entire community was very pleased with the program.
Boys too were catered for. They had their own special program to encourage them to do well for the good of their future. Their sessions were conducted by Mr. Morris Phonela.

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